Attaching one thing to another is the biggest technical challenge for assemblage artists. The bonds between objects must firstly be strong, strong enough to hold the parts together and withstand moving, shaking, and general handling. Secondly, the bond must be durable, to last over time. Thirdly, the bond must be aesthetically compatible with the artistic style of the piece.

Physical Bonds
The best attachments are made with physical bonds. Screws, bolts, and rivets are tough and durable. Thread, rope, and wire are great when you need flexibility. Many artists incorporate these techniques into the textures and surfaces of their work. Soldering or welding are less common but very effective options.

Chemical Bonds
If a physical attachment won’t work, then a chemical bond is the next best bet. Glue is a favorite topic of discussion among collage and assemblage artists. A particular glue can work wonders or completely ruin a piece. Choosing the right glue for the materials is absolutely critical.

This to That is a handy website for deciding which glue to use for different materials.